A day in the life of a help desk analyst

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An average day in the life of a Service Desk Analyst at Acora can be quite varied because of the nature of the job, as well as different kinds of surroundings and customers which can be supported.The nature of a multi-customer support surroundings from a 24 hour service desk means that there'sn't consistently a set schedule for any specified day, instead the construction of a typical day is identified by the amount and nature of the support requests which come into the service desk.Whilst the day-to-day agenda of service desk analysts is quite similar, my duties as a Tier 3 can differ in various manners, for example;I will pick up precedence P1 cases, ensuring our customers have little to no downtime.I will work on and help my co-workers with escalated tickets that may frequently be rather complicated.Notably, I Will supply guidance and support to other service desk team members, enhancing our overall performance as a team.During the first hour of my shift, I'll usually begin by catching through to e-mail communication, from both co-workers and customers. If any received communicating means upgrades to effective support instances, I am going to upgrade the notes so in our ITSM tool, ServiceNow. This would usually be followed by rapid jog though of my present case queue, where I will set out and prioritise my workload for the day.In addition , this is an essential time to receive any present handovers in the night shift, or any escalations from Tier 2 or Tier 1 Analysts. In those times, I'll additionally validate and sense assess the consequence of morning test procedures, by reading through the ensuing e-mails and ensuring that any issues raised are being coped with, and the information provided in the ensuing tests are valid.The time leading up to early day would usually be spent on working through my active case queue, which I often organise each morning. In the instance of of a Tier 3 Service Desk Analyst, this typically involves non-customer facing infrastructure work, which will be performed remotely.Occasionally but less frequently, I am also required to supply remote support for customers, at which point I Will reach out to them to order a proper time for connecting for their systems and work on reported events/requests.The day interval may additionally call for attending customer account briefings to signify any change requests of which I am aligned to, these assemblies are customer special so presence may be required on multiple days during the week.During the closing hour of my shift, my first priority will be to ensure that all of my active instances are upgraded to represent the work which has been done during the day. For any cases which might be still being worked on, I start the procedure for handover to the night shift by first upgrading my case notes, identifying a proper resource who can continue taking care of the case and after that finishing a verbal handover.Before concluding my shift, I am going to ensure that any active cases happen to be handed over to a suitable person in our team and in addition brief them with any advice which might be useful to them.